Drug Testing for
Sports, Education, and Individuals

Drug testing is commonly administered to ensure that employees, students, or just individuals and their families, are able to provide a level of accountability that can keep everyone from abusing legal and illegal drugs.

Whether you’re purchasing drug tests in bulk for your sports organization or school, or you just want to give your children or your partner a drug test to help them stay accountable and avoid the temptation to use drugs, drug tests can provide the peace of mind you need while helping those you’re drug testing to abstain.


Drug Testing for Sports

Unfortunately, drug use in sports is not uncommon, particularly the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs. However, even legal and illegal drugs that are taken for other reasons can be tempting to athletes of all kinds.

Our drug tests allow you to check for a wide variety of substances to ensure your team is abstaining from drug use.

Drug Testing for Education

Whether you need to test employees to ensure they’re safe to be around students or you need to test students to give them the accountability they need to abstain from drug and alcohol abuse, drug tests can be the perfect solution to this problem.

Drug Testing for Individuals

For some people, drug testing at home is necessary, especially when a family member, or even a friend, is struggling to abstain from alcohol or drugs.

Drug tests that test for a wide variety of substances, or even for just a few specific substances, can provide the tools you need to maintain and aid with this difficult crisis


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